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Trading Platforms

Sierra Chart – My go-to software for charting and trading. Very affordable and highly customizable. I never used better trading software than this.

Quantower – Offers trading multiple data feeds at once with a lot of orderflow tools. Very good platform overall, which can do a lot. I still prefer to use Sierra Chart, but Quantower is a solid choice, especially for beginners.

ExoCharts  – Cloud-based Orderflow/Market Profile charting platform for crypto. They are about to release a desktop version soon; I expect this to become a cryptocurrency orderflow charting and trading leader.

Tradingview – Multi-market charting platform. Basic but good for beginners.


I had my fair share of brokers’ problems in the past, either crypto, forex, or futures. No broker can be trusted 100% as even the “most trusted” brokers can close overnight. Because of that, I never deposit more than 20% of my trading account to any brokerage firm.

BitMEX – I use BitMEX for day trading BTC. They have API for Sierra Chart, and since they underwent a lot of changes after problems in fall 2020, they become a very fast and reliable exchange.

FTX – I use FTX for almost every other crypto trades that are not day trades. In other words, I buy spot and open swing positions on FTX.

Tradovate – Tradovate is my go-to broker for trading Eurex and CME markets. Although they do not directly connect to Sierra Chart, their web and app UI is very good and makes a good trading experience. They also have a mobile app, and all orders are stored at their server. Since the legacy futures industry got stuck in the early 2000s with their product design and user experience, Tradovate is pretty refreshing as it keeps up with all things necessary.

IC Markets – I don’t trade CFDs or Forex that often, but if I want to do it, I use ICMarkets.


FTMO – Proprietary trading firm that funds traders to trade Forex and CFDs.

Paid Education

Trading Blueprint – Shameless plug, my personal strategy with an explanation of different concepts and a step-by-step guide on how I trade.

FXS Analytics – Very great course about trading. Early videos are focused on forex, later on, futures trading.

Trader Dante – Lot of great lessons about trading approach and patience. Module 3 by Dante is a great entrance to futures trading for PA focused Forex traders.

Blockroots – Cryptocurrency focused education. Provides both technical and fundamental education with an active community and very affordable prices.

James F. Dalton  – Both Mind over Markets and Markets in Profile should be read by everyone interested in trading Market Profile. Also, Steidlmayer on Markets goes to list.

BTC Market Profile – The course focused on the trading market profile by Tommy Ø and Sting.

Young Tilopa – Course about market microstructure and order flow. I haven’t paid for this one, but I’m sure it is good as well.

Free Education

Tradingriot Blog – Since I started the website in fall 2020 I was able to cover a lot in the blog for free. I believe if you read all the articles you will get a very strong trading foundation.

CBOT Market Profile – Original paper published by CBOT about trading Market Profile

Financial Markets Microstructure – Financial Markets Microstructure course (Masters in Economics, UCPH, Spring 2020) by Egor Starkov. A bit heavy as you need to understand math, but a good resource for everyone interested.

Axia Futures – Free videos on their YouTube channel about trading Orderflow and Market Profile trading. They also sell courses on the higher cost scale, these courses are good, but there are cheaper ways to learn in my opinion.

Jigsaw Trading – Lot of free webinars at their YouTube channel about order flow trading. They also have a pretty expensive course that is good, but nothing groundbreaking and heavily pushes their trading platform.

Merritt Black – Search YouTube for videos from SMB Futures/Apteros Trading/ Merritt Black. Some free resources about Market Profile, orderflow etc.

NoBSDayTrading – Good resource for order flow and DOM trading.

Discovery Trading Group Webinar –  From all the YouTube webinars and videos, I liked this one probably the most.

Market Delta Strategy Guide – Good introduction on trading Footprint charts


Market Research

Messari – My favourite cryptocurrency screener

Markets Science – Lot of very interesting reports about cryptocurrency trading, worth checking out. – Exactly what the name of the website says. Free COT data for legacy futures markets. – Tool I use for tracking options orderflow on BTC

Koyfin – Great analytics platform for traditional markets, also free.


TicinoTrader – If you are new to Sierra Chart, you will really appreciate TicinoTrader. For $4/month, you will get access to a ton of different chart books on his website. Most of them are rather basic, but they are a great starting point to get all you need.

UMR Chatroom – There are many discord servers filled with spam and people constantly trying to sell you something. UMR put together a great free discord server with skilled traders that share ideas there every day. The link will take you to his site, so make sure to follow him as well.