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Tradingriot Bootcamp 2.0


Tradingriot Bootcamp is a comprehensive guide to how markets work, price action, orderflow, auction market theory and strategy building.

As of 2023, all lessons in Bootcamp were re-recorded with added examples and explanations.

On top of that, I added a brand new section that covers cryptocurrency-specific orderflow concepts and tools more in-depth.

Since starting the website in 2020, I have received a lot of questions regarding different concepts and approaches to the market.

Bootcamp covers all the concepts and shows how to use them in trading.

Before you purchase this product, watch the introduction video below.

This Bootcamp is mainly for those interested in learning more about Price Action, Orderflow, Auction Market Theory and, most importantly, connecting all the concepts into a comprehensive trading system.

Bootcamp is suitable for all types of traders as I cover both day trading and swing trading approach to the market, so no matter what your preferences are, in the end, you will have a system for all timeframes suitable for trading Crypotcurrencies, Forex, or Futures.

Besides that, there are also sections about risk management, journaling, daily preparation and setting up trading platforms.

Once you finish the Bootcamp, I will also be more than happy to provide you with additional support through emails or 1-1 calls.

The price of this product is final, and there are no additional costs or recurring payments.

Bootcamp owners can also access a private room in Tradingriot Discord to discuss concepts and trade ideas. Inside the discord, you can ask additional questions and receive regular updates.

You can also pay with crypto via Coinbase at the checkout or contact me at for P2P payment.


A complete Table of Contents can be found below.



Here are all the videos you will find inside the Tradingriot Bootcamp:

Chapter 1 – Markets

  1. Market Microstructure
  2. Liquidity & Volume
  3. Understanding futures and choosing the right market
  4. Setting up trading platforms

Chapter 2 – Price Action

  1. Price action principles
  2. Key price structures
  3. Execution patterns
  4. Bias determining candlestick patterns
  5. Navigating timeframes and utilizing non-time-based charts
  6. Price action conclusion

Chapter 3 – Orderflow

  1. Understanding orderflow
  2. Delta and its indicators
  3. Footprint charts
  4. Connecting orderflow to price action 
  5. Cryptocurrency Specific Orderflow (3-part video series)

Chapter 4 – Auction Market Theory

  1. Auction market theory
  2. Market Profile
  3. Volume Profile
  4. Volume indicators
  5. Connecting AMT with orderflow and price action

Chapter 5 – Strategy

  1. Failed Swing 
  2. Cluster 
  3. Quasimodo 
  4. Risk Management 
  5. Intraday strategy 
  6. Medium-term swing strategy 
  7. Long-term swing strategy
  8. Trading Plan
  9. Daily preparation 
  10. Journaling 

18 reviews for Tradingriot Bootcamp 2.0

  1. ilustrado

    If you’re already familiar with the concepts in the Blueprint, then I would suggest just adding screentime to it. However, if you have problem putting pieces together, the bootcamp is very helpful as Adam dives deeper into his strategy. Added bonus are the updates which I think are exclusive to bootcamp owners.

  2. BallerXBT

    Thanks for this awesome course

  3. Canadian Crypto Hunter

    Hands down one of the best investments I’ve made in my trading education. Adam is an incredible teacher, and really helped me get my mind around this style of trading (which admittedly was pretty intimidating at first). In my opinion, this course is worth far more than what Adam is charging. The added value of the Discord is nice, a great group of people and an active presence from Adam himself. Having access to a professional trader via the Discord is in and of itself worth every penny of the course cost. Also, Adam consistently adds new videos to the Bootcamp site, so the education is ongoing even upon completion of the core content. I’ve taken numerous online courses, and none of them come close to the value that this course delivers. Do yourself a favor and buy this course.

  4. gralion torile

    Very instructive and superb structure of content material, now that’s user genial (:.

  5. tomas.c.costa27

    Just fucking buy really

  6. gralion torile

    Very interesting information!Perfect just what I was looking for! “We are shaped and fashioned by what we love.” by Johann von Goethe.

  7. Charlie Quinn

    Adam puts together information very well, the Bootcamp is digestible and gives an actionable plan to approach trading.

    Alongside this, the constant updates and community make this one of the best educational purchases I’ve made and has greatly improved my trading.

  8. KCIN

    The boot camp is super helpful. where the blueprint is sometimes difficult to understand, the bootcamp is the opposite. super clear videos (including Adam’s jokes) makes it a lot of fun to watch and the learning is automatic. New techniques or deepening are added to the update section, this is content that is only available for the bootcamp group. Adam is always ready to answer any question. This is the extra base I needed. thanks Adam.

  9. Dtex

    Changed my whole view of trading and the markets.

    No BS,
    None of that sudo trading psychology ‘your mum didn’t hug you as a child, that’s why you shorting the NASDAQ’
    Adam is always helpful and answers your retarded questions.
    Discord is full of great helpful people.
    Value for money is beyond excellent, this industry is full of people charging $10,000 to tech you 3/8 EMA crossovers that don’t even know why market move.

    This course and community really separates itself from the sea of shit out there. Adam is leading by example with this blog and course.

  10. Xavi (Emph)

    Best investment so far for 2022, at first it was a bit intimidating, a lot of new concepts and tools for me as a trader and gave up on it for a few months. Then I tried it again but taking more time between concepts, re-watching and taking notes, this is not a simple course that you just watch and thats it, this has a learning courve and just watching won’t do the job.

    Adam is really communicative with all the bootcamp community, pushing new updated and helping averyone out, he is an experienced trader but also a lovely individual.

    Even if you are an experienced trader or an intermediate one you will extract value from the bootcamp for sure, and also the comunity built in Discord around it is awesome.

  11. J

    Stumbled into this Bootcamp at just the right time when I wanted to improve my intraday executions. For a one-time purchase, this course is a no-brainer for anyone who is new to orderflow concepts but has experience with technical analysis and price action.

    Adam presents key concepts at a high level in an easy to understand way and without unnecessary babble, but also with plenty of case studies to dive into more details. Adding orderflow confluence has given my intraday strategy an additional dimension for confluence and dramatically improved my execution process and conviction in trades.

    Discord is also full of like-minded people who are putting in the hard yards to improve their trading instead of just asking for signals. Great community – but be prepared to put in the work as that’s where you’ll get the real value out of this course.

  12. Charles

    Great content and Adams super generous with his time and knowledge. Wholeheartedly recommend.

  13. josiptenzera1

    This course is only thing you need if you want to learn daytrading. Adam is so good at explaining things and helping afterwards, that you want to re-buy the bootcamp again just as a sign of gratitude. Would highly recommend to everyone!

  14. Metamas

    Adam has done an exceptional job at curating, explaining, and relating many trading topics that would otherwise take someone months-years to clearly understand by gathering and studying many scattered resources. I’ve not only come away from his material with a much clearer understanding of technical/orderflow analysis, but also the know-how to apply those techniques in formulating my own strategies. I’m still learning new things each time I review Adam’s material.

    The Bootcamp community has also been hugely valuable. There’s a wide spectrum of knowledge and experience levels, but everyone in there has the common foundation of the Bootcamp material. The conversations I have in the Discord yield tons of ongoing education and encouragement. Engaging with Adam and the other students throughout each trading day has much accelerated my progress as a intraday trader.

  15. Dutchie

    Great course with 100% value for your money. I’ve been trading now for 3 years and recently joined the Bootcamp course. It’s a completely different approach that I was used too but it’s profitable and also much more relaxed because you get more information from the market. Adam is around in the Discord every day to answer everyones questions.

  16. Federico Dedeu

    Very good information, high quality updates and awesome community.

  17. Steve

    When I first heard Adam on youtube I instantly knew that this guy know what he is talking about and that he really likes what he is doing which is in my opinion really important when it comes to teaching. Bootcamp is a steal for its price, all the information that I got from watching all the videos and talking to like minded people on discord pushed my trading to another level.

  18. Melo

    First of all, it has to be said, that the bootcamp (blueprint comes by automatically) is worth every cent.

    I would suggest to read carefully all the blog-posts, which explain all the important aspects of trading and all its mechanisms. And it has also to be mentioned, that is a crazy amount of solid information for free.

    The bootcamp goes step by step from how markets work and how they are moved, based on a logical and completely comprehensive approach, to how to take trades and how to connect PricaAction, OrderFlow and Market-/Volume-Profiles in concordance with principles of AMT.

    I would say, the main goal of the bootcamp is to bring its participants in a position of becoming able to read and really understand what is happening in a certain market, giving the possibility to make educated guesses, which is the core-ability for success in trading, in combination with a solid risk-management.

    Adam is always accessible and always ready to help and answer questions, from tard/entry-level up to “rainman counting cards”-level.

    The community on the private discord is simply awesome. Shout out also to you guys 😀

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