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Trading Blueprint


Trading Blueprint shows the trading strategy that I use in trading both cryptocurrency and legacy markets in a detailed 100-page guide.

This is not a Market Profile, Footprint, or Price action course.

Of course, all the concepts I use are explained, but I present things in a subjective manner showing specific things that work for me.

My goal is not to make this a trading educational course or put myself in any mentorship position.

If you want to learn theory or looking for a trading mentor, you should look elsewhere.

I give you the insight into my expanded trading plan, which contains all the strategies I use for both day trading and swing trading.

This is a one-time purchase. You won’t be ever charged with any additional payments.

Part of this is also a simple Sierra Chartbook with the tools you need.

A complete Table of Contents can be found below.



Here are the chapters I cover in Trading Blueprint:

Part 1: Price Action
  • Introduction – is trading worth it?
  • Conventional wisdom 
  • The market as an advertising mechanism
  • Market Structure
  • Orderflow and Liquidity
  • Trading the SFP/Sweeps as the road to disaster
  • How I Trade Support and Resistance
  • Supply and Demand Imbalances
  • Trading the FTR
  • Trading the O/U
  • Trading the V-shape
  • Is Price Action Enough?
  • Problem with swing trading
  • My swing trading strategy
  • Price action trading things I didn’t know where to put
Part 2: Auction Market Theory and Orderflow
  • Is trading orderflow trading just another marketing catch?
  • Trading different markets
  • Auction Market Theory
  • The 5 Auction Market Theory Rules
  • Market Profile
  • Volume Profile
  • Volume-based Support and Resistance
  • VWAP – glorified moving average?
  • Everything Delta
  • Footprint Chart
  • Trading SFP/Sweeps with Footprint – much less disaster
  • Other Price Action setups with Orderflow and Volume confluence
  • Pre-trading routine and what I look for during the session
  • Conclusion



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