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Sierra Chart

This is my go-to trading platform I use. Takes little of time to get used to, but once you learn how to use it you will really appreciate all the functions and low cost.


Exocharts is cloud-based charting platform which has most of the functions as Sierra chart. I really like Exocharts and I wish there would be something similar for legacy markets as well. If I wouldn't be using Sierra Chart API, I would probably make full switch to Exocharts for crypto trading.


There are quite many things I don't like on Tradingivew. It doesn't offer any orderflow tools or Market Profile, but all things considered its good platform which offer all markets possible and you can also get cheap futures data as they only offer top of the book data.


This is the broker I use for trading Bitcoin futures. Thanks to the reputation BitMEX has I only use it for short-term intraday trades, as I want to reduce my market exposure there as much as possible. Only reason I use BitMEX is the fact they offer Sierra Chart API, so I can execute right at the platform.


Trades that I plan to hold for a while I execute at Bybit. Their platform is superior to BitMEX and you can also settle your trades in USDT which is great for those that want to reduce their BTC exposure and don't want to hustle with 1x shorting on BitMEX.


I use Binance for mostly buying and selling spot and trading alt coin futures that Bybit and BitMEX don't offer. Binance is probably the most advanced crypto exchange and you can use it pretty much for anything at this point.

IC Markets

After years of trading and trying different legacy market brokers I can only really recommend IC Markets. They only offer Forex and CFDs, but they have the variety of different markets and also CFDs for popular futures markets. I made a withdrawal on IC Markets several times and never had a single issue. If you are wondering what Futures broker I recommend, I would personally go with Tradovate or Edgeclear.


Although I am little biased here as I have been working with FTMO since early 2019. There is really no better company in the funding space.

FXS Analytics

I never really had a mentor and personally interacted with Steve who runs FXS Analytics (and Paracurve). But I really learned a lot and used many concepts to build my personal trading system in FXS. Price is little higher but it is only one-time payment and with the knowledge and active community through the years you will learn a lot.

Trader Dante

Tom Dante is quite famous person in the trading space. Although I never used the exact strategy he is teaching I have taken many bits and pieces to add into my approach. From his popular learning modules that he is selling, Module 3 which is the least popular is the best one, as it gives very smooth transition for forex traders who want to learn more about trading futures market.

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Trading Resource List

Trading Platforms

Sierra Chart – My go-to software for charting and trading.

ExoCharts  – Cloud-based Orderflow/Market Profile charting platform for crypto.

Tradingview – Multi-market charting platform. Basic but good for beginners.


BitMEX – Only a cryptocurrency broker that works with Sierra Chart API. Not the best reputation, only recommend this for short-term day trading.

Bybit – I use Bybit to trade BTC and ETH futures, and I am basing my trade on a higher timeframe with the expectation that trade will run for a while.

Binance – My go-to exchange for buying spot and trading altcoins.

IC Markets – Good brokerage for trading Forex and CFDs. Zero issues over the years.


FTMO – Proprietary trading firm that funds traders to trade Forex and CFDs.

Paid Education

Trading Blueprint – Shameless plug, my personal strategy with an explanation of different concepts.

FXS Analytics – Place where I learned probably most about trading. Early videos are focused on Forex and later on at futures trading.

Trader Dante – Lot of great lessons about trading approach and patience. Module 3 is my favorite as it covers trading Bund.

Blockroots – Cryptocurrency focused education. Provides both technical and fundamental education with an active community and very affordable prices.

James F. Dalton  – Both Mind over Markets and Markets in Profile should be read by everyone who is interested in trading Market Profile. Also, Steidlmayer on Markets goes to list.

BTC Market Profile – The course focused on the trading market profile by Tommy Ø and Sting. I haven’t paid for this one but I follow guys behind it and I’m sure it is great.

Young Tilopa – Course about market microstructure and order flow. I haven’t paid for this one, but I’m sure it is good as well.

Free Education

Tradingriot Blog – Here I plan to release different trading related articles and guide so you should always keep eye on that.

CBOT Market Profile – Original paper published by CBOT about trading Market Profile

Financial Markets Microstructure – Financial Markets Microstructure course (Masters in Economics, UCPH, Spring 2020) by Egor Starkov. A bit heavy as you need to understand math, but a good resource for everyone interested.

Axia Futures – Free videos at their YouTube channel about trading Orderflow and Market Profile trading. They also sell courses which are on the higher cost scale, these courses are good, but there are cheaper ways to learn in my opinion.

Jigsaw Trading – Lot of free webinars at their YouTube channel about order flow trading. They have also a pretty expensive course which is good but nothing groundbreaking and pushes heavily their trading platform.

SMB Futures/Merritt Black – Search YouTube for videos from SMB Futures and Merritt Black. The Merritt is selling course $3500 which is insane and not worth the money in my opinion but free videos are a good resource to check out.

NoBSDayTrading – Good resource for order flow and DOM trading.

Discovery Trading Group Webinar –  From all the YouTube webinars and videos, I liked this one probably the most. 3 part series that covers footprint and also MP/VP trading.

Market Delta Strategy Guide – Good introduction on trading Footprint charts


Market Research

Messari – My favorite cryptocurrency screener

Markets Science – Lot of very interesting reports about cryptocurrency trading, worth checking out. – Exactly what the name of the website says. Free COT data for legacy futures markets. – Tool I use for tracking options orderflow on BTC

Koyfin – Great analytics platform for traditional markets, also free.


TicinoTrader – If you are new to Sierra Chart, you will really appreciate TicinoTrader. For $2/month you will get access to a ton of different chart books in his Patreon. Most of them are rather basic, but they are a great starting point to get all you need.

UMR Chatroom – There is quite a lot of discord servers filled with spam and people constantly trying to sell you something. Umr put together a great free discord server with skilled traders that share ideas there every day. The link will take you to his site so make sure to follow him as well.