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Trading Resource List

Trading Platforms

Sierra Chart – Very affordable and highly customizable platform that offers all necessary orderflow and profile tools. Available for both crypto and legacy markets.

ExoCharts  – Orderflow/Market Profile charting platform for crypto and also legacy markets. My go-to platform to use these days.

Quantower – Offers trading multiple data feeds at once with a lot of orderflow tools. Very good platform overall, which can do a lot. Can be used for free is you register with their referral link.

Tradingview – Multi-market charting platform. Basic but good for beginners.

Templates – Free Footprint/TPO templates for Sierra Chart and Exocharts



Bybit – Bybit is my go-to derivatives platform these days. Non-KYC option.

Binance – Biggest crypto broker; I use Binance a lot.

If you sign up on either Bybit or Binance, my link and make a first deposit. Send me an email at with your user ID, and I will send you a pdf guide for finding opportunities in cryptocurrency trading.

Paid Education

Tradingriot Bootcamp – In-depth video guide about everything you need to be able to use concepts of Price action, orderflow and auction market theory in your trading.

With Bootcamp, you gain access to over 10 hours of video content, private discord and weekly updates.

Free Education

Tradingriot Blog – Since I started the website in the fall of 2020, I have been able to cover a lot in the blog for free. I believe if you read all the articles, you will get a very strong trading foundation.

Tradingriot Discord – As my Twitter grew, it started to become a little bit messy. I have started a free discord server that is in “read-only” mode. I post there some resources and trade ideas.

Musical Chair Unplugged – Weekly stream series I do with RunnerXBT talking about current narratives surrounding cryptocurrencies. Live every Monday at 6pm GMT.

CBOT Market Profile – Original paper published by CBOT about trading Market Profile

Financial Markets Microstructure – Financial Markets Microstructure course (Masters in Economics, UCPH, Spring 2020) by Egor Starkov. A bit heavy as you need to understand math, but a good resource for everyone interested.

Discovery Trading Group Webinar – Of all the YouTube webinars and videos, I liked this one probably the most.


Market Research

Coinalyze – Free tool for tracking orderflow for crypto

Laevitas – I use this all the time to find best-performing coins based on orderflow data; they also have good research on options

Basedmoney – Analysis of crypto options

Coinmarketman – My go-to crypto journal